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Re: Using Swish-e search capabilities within ASP

From: Walter Lewis <lewisw(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 22:52:55 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
>>The fact is that my whole website runs under IIS, in ASP pages using
>>VBScript. My guess is that an ActiveX would be the key, but there does
>>not seem to be any to use Swish-e, or at least not a recent and
>>suitable one for heavy loaded server. 
> Sorry, can't offer any help with those technologies -- they are all
> foreign to me.  Swish has a dll for windows, so I'd expect there would
> be a way to link with that.

As an ActiveX alternative, I have ActiveState Perl on a supporting 
server (running Apache on Windows 2003).  I hand off a URL from 
IIS/VBScript in a RESTful web service paradigm using ServerXMLHTTP. This 
  uses the Swish-e perl module and an XML encoding function to return an 
XML representation of the results. The result list is then a simple XSLT 
transformation away.

Over engineered for a simple ASP/VBScript site, but it is also called by 
Cocoon and, soon, PHP so the XML representation was a key factor.

I'm dubious as to whether it would scale to a sustained 3 hits/sec in 
your specific context, but it is reasonably sprightly as well as 
portable.  ... and I have no doubt that better perl programmers could 
optimize and generalize what was "good enough" for the load my specific 

Walter Lewis
Halton Hills
Received on Wed Mar 30 14:52:58 2005