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Using Swish-e search capabilities within ASP

From: CheHax <chehax(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 16:31:26 GMT
Hello everyone,

I am a new Swish-e user and kind of an addict as well since I tried it
on my 25M records database, and if I have yet to work on the indexing
phase, I'm wondering how I can use my index file from ASP pages.

The fact is that my whole website runs under IIS, in ASP pages using
VBScript. My guess is that an ActiveX would be the key, but there does
not seem to be any to use Swish-e, or at least not a recent and
suitable one for heavy loaded server.

Yet, it may be possible to call the cgi app from an ASP page, but I
have no clue how to do that and wouldn't mind a bit of help. Unless
you tell me it will be way to slow for like 10000 request an hour.

Thank you !
Received on Wed Mar 30 08:31:34 2005