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Re: fhash.c bug?

From: Dobrica Pavlinusic <dpavlin(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 16:46:55 GMT
On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 07:02:24AM -0800, Peter Karman wrote:
> > What is your smallest fileset on which you can demonstrate problem?
> I can name that tune in 12 files. I have put a tar at 
> can you duplicate the error with that set? for me it consistently hangs on 
> 'acl_size.3c.html'.

Strange. It works for me just fine. I used latest CVS version compiled

$ ./configure --disable-docs --with-pcre --enable-incremental --disable-shared

I indexed it using:

$ swish-e -S fs -f 1/test -i karman/

And it worked for me. Then I tried

$ swish-e -S fs -f 1/test -i karman/ -u

which also worked. However, than I remembered that I had problems with
repeated indexing of same data, so I wrote following script (in-lined so
that list doesn't remove it):


/swish-e -S fs -i karman -f 1/bug 2>/dev/null
while true ; do
	nr=`expr $nr + 1`
	echo "LOOP: $nr"
	touch karman/* && ../swish-e -S fs -i karman -f 1/bug -u 2>/dev/null || exit

After about 500 loops it always dumps core on me. It doesn't dump
core on same loop, however.

I also noticed that "unique words indexed" count get incremented from
time to time. Recompiling with --enable-psortarray didn't help.

Well, now we have semi-reproducible bug. I do need to finish various
other stuff for tomorrow, so further investigation is pending for now.

Dobrica Pavlinusic               2share!2flame  
Unix addict. Internet consultant.   
Received on Mon Mar 28 08:46:57 2005