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Parse Error PDF -> HTML with metatag "keywords"

From: Scheermann Leonard <Leonard.Scheermann(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 10:18:40 GMT
I've been asked, whether swish-e parse keywords in a pdf file or not. I have
tested a pdf file "keywords.pdf" (see attachment) with swish-filter-test and
got the result in the file "parsed.htm" (see also attachment). In the
STDOUT, just the meta tag "keywords" been false parsed (see parsed.htm).

Is that a bug or maybe is the cause the multiline keywords in the pdf file?

Does make it difference for searching results, give a pdf file document
properties keywords (or meta tag "keywords" in a html file)?

Thanks in advance
Leonard Scheermann

 <<keywords.pdf>>  <<parsed.htm>> 

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