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The swish-d cluster system is ready for beta

From: Dave Seff <dseff(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 16:44:09 GMT
As promised I have a working application for the swishd cluster system. 
I will write up documentation for for now here is an overview:

It has 2 parts:

1. the swishd server nodes
2. the cluster manager. 

The swishd connects to each index as indicated in a config file

The cluster manager connects to each swishd node and sends the search
query (in XML) and recieves results from each node. For now the process
is linear as I am still working out the threading issues. It then
collates the results and sorts them by rank and returns them to the
client, also in XML format.

You can have a maximum of 255 swishd nodes but it's not to up that
number to whatever you want. I just figured 255 was practical. 

I would like to submit my source code and documentation to the swish-e
project. Who do I contact, where do I upload?


Dave Seff
IT Manager
Advisen Ltd. 
"It's too bad carbon dioxide isn't flamable, otherwise we would all be
fire-breathing people." --Dave Seff
Received on Wed Mar 16 08:44:09 2005