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Using Swish-e from within an offline Flash / Shockwave movie

From: Marjorie Burghart <marjorie.burghart(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 17:32:19 GMT
Hi !
I'd like to use Swish-e to perform searches on an offline index, on a 
CDROM (ideally cross-platform).
My main problem is the GUI : I'd like to use a simple Flash movie 
(projection on th CD), but I can't manage to find any piece of 
information about interaction between Swish-e and Flash MX. Does anyone 
altready tried this ?
Maybe a java applet would be an interesting tool, but the only one I 
found ( is quite old and doesn't seem 
to work with the current index format of Swish-e.
Thank you in advance for any help !
Marjorie (Swish-e newbie)
Received on Thu Mar 10 09:32:22 2005