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Manually adding to an index

From: Peter Ensch <pensch(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 18:21:28 GMT
How can I force swish-e to return certain hits for a given search
irrespective of what was initially indexed?

This is what I want to do...

I index my own website. Then I want to add to the index such that
when one runs this search (let's say): 

%> swish-e -w '"Search tools"'
swish-e returns

Can this be done by somehow fiddling with the index AFTER it's 
built; or can you create a file that is actually indexed and
which ends up somehow creating the same effect.

This sounds quite straightforward but I wasn't able to describe
my need concisely enough to get much help from an archive search.



Peter Ensch,           A-1140   (214) 480 2333
Received on Thu Feb 24 10:21:29 2005