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Several aspects concerning configuration & search behaviour

From: Uwe Dierolf <swishe(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 22:16:14 GMT

I have 4 questions concering differnt aspects of swish-e.

Configuration directives
We are using swish-e 2.4.3 to index XML data.
We believe that the following feature concerning stopwords
could be very useful.
We have metaname that can contain all strings even stopwords.
At the moment stopwords are used for all XML elements
(== metanames).
Would it be much work to exclude some specific metanames
from stopword handling?

Another practical aspect concerns TranslateCharacters.
For german umlauts it would be very good if we could
map one character to two.
How much work would it be to integrate a config directive like:
TranslateCharacters  ae  oe  ue  ss
TranslateCharacters xyz abc
It's TranslateCharacters with two meanings
 - tupel notation
 - strings with equal length notation

Search aspects:
The next point concerns IgnoreLastChar.
We are excluding for example "-".
But if we are searching for "foo-*" we want to find
words containing "-". So it's wrong if swish-e handles
IgnoreChars in cases of truncated searches.

And last we found a little strange behaviour.
If we have two index files (one large index and one
for daily changes) and the small index which is
searched after he large index does not contain all
of the metanames of the large index swish-e does not
return "0 hits" if there are no records found at all
but instead returns "unknown metaname".
We believe that this behaviour is not correct because 
the missing metaname(s) in the small index are metanames 
of the first index.

THanks a lot in advance for all of your help.

Best regards, Uwe Dierolf

Uwe Dierolf
University of Karlsruhe - University Library
P.O.Box 6920, 76049 Karlsruhe, Germany
phone(fax) : 49/721/608-6076(4886)
www        :
Received on Wed Feb 16 14:16:24 2005