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Re: Website

From: Peter Farmer <peter.farmer(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 04:32:21 GMT
On Friday 11 February 2005 12:06 pm, J Robinson wrote:

> * it would be good to preserve some of the URLs so
> that the many links into on the web didn't
> all break.
> In particular, perhaps mod_speling (sic) could be used
> to let old and very similar links like
> continue working (it's now
> /download), and commonly-linked to pages like the old
> could be redirected to
> the appropriate new locations.

good point, this has been of great importance to the success of  sites we have 
built for our clients. I would encourage this for the benefit of all those 
googlers out there ... I guess If someone could do the grunt work of 
cataloging the broken URLs it would be easy enough to create redirection 
mappings for apache using mod_speling, mod_rewrite and the like . 

> * the fonts seem really small on OSX with firefox -
> for me anyhow.

It appears a tad small on linux firefox (to my eyes) compared to the same page 
in konqueror but thats easily fixed at the user end if they dont like the 
standard fonts (view>text size>increase). Looks just fine in MacOSX firefox 
(almost identical to Safari rendering)

Peter Farmer
Received on Thu Feb 10 20:32:22 2005