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Re: Ranking, even with strong bias

From: Thomas R. Bruce <trb2(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 14:18:55 GMT

We use this kind of metadata "bait and switch" technique fairly often 
though not with repetition.  Our usual reason is that we want to force 
the storage of something on the index that isn't actually available in 
the source document (possibly because we are getting it from someone 
else, or possibly because it's in some legacy format that doesn't carry 
as much metadata as our current best-of-breed).  Sometimes this is done 
with search in mind; sometimes it's because we want something to appear 
in the hit list as a guide to the end user that has to be externally 
built or grabbed.  For instance, we're running judicial opinions through 
an off-the-rack text-summarizer from CPAN, which actually appears to do 
a pretty good job of getting the essentials -- a big help to the user 
who is trying to decide what to read first, and practically costless in 


Thomas R. Bruce (
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

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