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Perl I/O buffering and the prog method

From: Thomas R. Bruce <trb2(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 14:12:23 GMT

I seem to be in a posting mood this week.

We run any number of custom spidering scripts that we use to feed 
swish-e, via the prog method.  They're in perl.  Recently, I've started 
messing around with turning buffering off on STDOUT for these scripts 
(via $|++) and my general impression, without formal benchmarks, is that 
they're running a good bit faster.  They're running on a Linux box with 
one of the 2.4.x kernels.

Any other experience that would tend to confirm or refute this?


Thomas R. Bruce (
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

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