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Still problem with -L and Btree

From: Gunnar Mätzler <maetzler(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 08:09:51 GMT
Hi Bill,

I'm glad youre back and still hope you can help me along.

As you said the -L option is supposed to work with the btree backend. But i
still didn't get it to work. And even worse, i still can't figure out how it
should work.

In both versions LoadSortedProps is called to fill a meta_entry structure
with the presorted properties.

In the non btree version LoadSortedProps calls DB_ReadSortedIndex_Native and
fills the sorted_data member of the meta_entry structure.

In the btree version LoadSortedProps just passes the value returned from
DB_ReadSortedIndex_Native back. Which in this case is an ARRAY structure.
This ARRAY structure is then passed to create_lookup_array which expects a
meta_entry structure. And there is no "ifdef USE_BTREE" in
create_lookup_array. So i can't see how it should ever have worked.

What am i missing?

Best regards

Gunnar Mätzler
Received on Tue Feb 1 00:10:03 2005