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Re: enable-incremental

From: Dobrica Pavlinusic <dpavlin(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 14:13:53 GMT
On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 01:12:16AM -0800, wrote:
> Does anyone have any comments about using the enable-incremental feature
> on a production environment to add new files to the index? Would you
> recommend it as opposed to generating a new index for those new files,
> then merging it with the existing, larger, index?

Incremental indexing is somewhat flaky. I think that Jose is using
incremental swish in production (and adding files to it), but my
experience is that it sometimes core-dumps. I'm trying to create test
suite for that, but this condition is not trivially reproducible.

Merge for incremental databases doesn't work, and there are problems
with deleting files with zero length.

I would also appreciate if swish-e would support my new proposed header
so that -S prog could instruct swish-e what to do when in incremental
mode, but since incremental indexing still isn't rock-solid, it might
not be priority.

Dobrica Pavlinusic               2share!2flame  
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Received on Tue Jan 25 06:14:05 2005