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Issue with indexing (more)...

From: John Kelley <john(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 15:25:24 GMT
I indexed the one page, but searching for many of the terms that appear in 
the page produces no result.  The indexer reported no problems with the html.

Example: searched for Kiddush on the page with zero results.  Using the 
HTML2 parser and direct disk indexing

Any pointers as to what I should check for?

Here is a partial collection of my configs:
StoreDescription HTML* <body> 200000000
DefaultContents HTML*
IndexReport 3
ParserWarnLevel 3
IndexContents HTML* .htm .html .shtml .php .phtml .php3
IgnoreMetaTags script style
PropertyNamesMaxLength 200000000 swishdescription
PropertyNameAlias swishdescription body
MetaNames swishtitle summary swishdocpath
MetaNameAlias summary description overview body
IndexReport 3



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