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Re: Request for comments on new project

From: Jordan Hayes <jmhayes(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 17:33:24 GMT
>> How will you handle reindexing so many documents?  That's one of
>> swish-e's week points -- not being able to update a live index.

I have a continuously updating set of documents (a mailing list archive)
and I think it's pretty easy to come up with a scheme that allows you to
have a small number of relatively static indexes.  I update my index
every 7 minutes, which means that you can often find a document in the
index before it's done delivering to all 500 recipients.  It does mean
that the set that changes has to be rather well-defined and the static
part needs to be relatively static, but I don't think this is
necessarily a "weak" point.

For "weak point" I'd say "document deletion" is the big one for me :)

Received on Thu Jan 6 09:33:29 2005