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Re: Request for comments on new project

From: Dave Seff <dseff(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 15:55:27 GMT
> And you would need that as swish is reasonably fast, but not that
> scalable.  What's the largest set of documents you have indexed so
> far?
> How will you handle reindexing so many documents?  That's one of
> swish-e's week points -- not being able to update a live index.

So far I have indexed about 3 Million Docs. I haven't tried to go beond
that untill I something more solid in place with my project. 

I was really hoping that live incremental indexing would was included by
the time I got closer to a beta stage. Is this something that is on the
roadmap for swish-e? 
Dave Seff <>
Advisen Ltd.
Received on Thu Jan 6 07:55:27 2005