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Ballpark disk space requirements

From: <Tom.Weimer(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 15:46:16 GMT
Can anyone give me a *rough* idea of how much disk space it takes to install
and implement Swish-e? I don't need precise numbers, but something within a
factor of 10 would help.
I'm evaluating search engine/indexing options for an intranet site that
currently contains about 3,000 files and growing rapidly, including many PDF
and other binary files in addition to HTML and XML pages. Swish-e looks like
a good option, but my system admins are going to want to assess the likely
impact on their server before they'll agree to anything. I looked through
the docs and tried a couple archive searches of the discussion list, but
didn't find anything about quantifiable disk space requirements.
If it makes a difference, the server is a Solaris box. It looks like the
application files themselves are in the 2-3 MB range, which is nothing, but
I'd like to get some idea of how big the index files might get. I realize it
will depend a lot on configuration settings and the file set being indexed,
but even a very large range or some real-world examples would help me make a
Many thank,
Tom Weimer
Verizon Wireless * Commercial Data Systems

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