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Extracting titles and correct authors out of Excel docs

From: Kissman, Paul (BLC) <Paul.Kissman(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 15:09:43 GMT
Is there a way to get Swish-e to find and index the document properties
in Excel spreadsheets?
We are putting titles and authors in the document properties, but they
are inaccessible.

I am using the XLtoHTML filter, which doesn't appear to have a way of
doing any of these things. 


Because we are spidering with -S prog all our titles in Swish-e look

Library Chart - /tmp/sG36QWw6iW v.1536

which I gather is from this line in XLtoHTML

$ExcelFirstWorksheetName - $ExcelFilename v.$ExcelVersion

and since the filter is reading a temporary copy of the file, it loses
the actual path and filename.

I would really like to get the title out of the document properties; it
differs quite a bit from the filename.


Author appears to be coming for the "Last Saved by" value in the
spreadsheets document properties (statistics), not the Author in
Properties | Document Summary. Thes are clearly not going to be the same
people much of the time.

Some threads recommend using the Win32::OLE Perl module to grab some of
this data, but we are on Unix, and apparently that modlule only works
for Windows versions of Perl. So I have not tried to see if this would


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Received on Thu Dec 16 07:09:56 2004