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Getting Results faster? (libswish-e)

From: Gunnar Mätzler <maetzler(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 08:44:51 GMT
Hello everybody,

I created an index of about half a million documents. The search process
itsself is sufficiently fast, what slows me down right now is getting the
search results. So i have a few questions regarding this:

1. I use a results list, which fills itself by using a callback function. So
it fetches only the results which have to be displayed at a given time.
But i am a bit puzzled how to do this. What i do right now is:

SwishSeekResult( results, number_of_result_to_display ) - to set the results
pointer to the wanted result
result = SwishNextResult( results ); - to get the result.
string = SwishResultPropertyStr( result, "swishdocpath" ); - to get the

Is this correct? I am not so sure whether i am skipping a result or not. If
for example i set the results pointer to result number 500 with
"SwishSeekResult", doesn't "SwishNextResult" give me result number 501?

2. This method seems a bit slow. I can actually see the list filling itself
line by line (while hearing a lot of hard disk access). It gets better after
i scrolled throu the complete list a few times. Is there a faster way to get
a specific result out of the results list? I will definitely have to speed
it up somehow.

Best regards

Gunnar Mätzler
Received on Wed Dec 15 00:44:55 2004