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Re: Re: Re: Swish-E with incremental index building

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 22:27:00 GMT
On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 07:27:55AM -0800, Peter Karman wrote:
> make sure you have the latest CVS build of swish-e. I know a fix went in 
> last week to catch a bug with the -r/-u option (per Bill's email of 
> yesterday). I was using the latest version when I ran my test.

Yes, the problem was the -c option.  Either -i or -c set swish into
indexing mode.  There was that broken logic reported where -i was
suppose to set the mode to indexing unless it was already in update or
remove mode (via -u or -r).  I fixed that, but didn't fix the same
logic error with -c.

I mentioned that -r or -u should act like -i and take a list of paths,
but that won't work because we need to be able to specify update/remove
when using a config file:

   swish-e -c my_config -u

puts swish into update mode but uses a config file.

I think we talked about this before and this was needed since we don't
have a config option to specify indexing mode.  A config option to
specify index/update/remove would be good -- you can imagine how it
would be a problem to forget -u one time by mistake on a huge index.

I added a bit of logic so that trying to use -r and -u at the same
time results in an error, using -r or -u and listing a path ( -r
index.html ) will tell you to use -i to list files, and using -r or -u
without building incremental will tell you more than just "invalid

There's still a bug that if a file is removed and later you try to
update the index (-u) with the same file it won't be added.

Swish also is not very helpful if you try and read an incremental
index with a standard (no-incremental) version of swish (or the other
way around):

  err: Index file error: File "index.swish-e" has an unknown format.

Bill Moseley

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