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Fwd: Re: Incremental Indexing

Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 16:42:38 GMT
Hi.  I've just started playing around with this feature. In file swish.c around 
line 850:                                                                       
       if((params->run_mode != MODE_UPDATE) || 
          (params->run_mode != MODE_REMOVE))   /* Preserve update mode */
           params->run_mode = MODE_INDEX;
should that || be an &&?  I'm using version swish-e-2.5.2-2004-12-01.           
thx, Paul                                                                       
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From: Robert Mudry  <>
At: 12/ 2 17:46

Last I checked, swish-e-2.5.2-2004-10-21.tar.Z (which I slightly
modified in a few unrelated areas), the incremental features were simply
not ready for prime time. I would be interested in your experience with
it, too, since this feature is pretty critical to us. Right now, I'm
merging indices, which is just miserable. It takes a very long time to
do a merge. Plus, we can't remove old entries so I need to do some
pretty hackish things to avoid false hits.

I've been meaning to look at it more closely and help with some of the
debugging, but I've been meaning to do a lot of things lately. :-/


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Dave Seff wrote on 12/02/2004 04:07 PM:
> One thing that was brought to my attention that promped me to ask:
> swish-e have the capability to index incrementally? If I have an index
> of 1 million documents and I want to add five docs, I shure would hate
> to have to index the entire collection from scratch.

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