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dynamically generating @servers for

From: Bill Conlon <bill(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 00:42:50 GMT
The docs nicely explain how to index several sites in an index:

     my %serverA = (
         base_url    => '',
         max_depth  => 0,
         email       => 'my@email.address',
     my %serverB = (
     @servers = ( \%serverA, \%serverB, );

What I would like to do is generate the hashes on the fly, pulling them 
from a database.  So for example, if I can use DBI to execute some SQL 
to give me a resultset with each row containing the desired URI and 

my $sth = $dbh->prepare ("SELECT uri, depth FROM links WHERE 
$sth->execute ();

Would some real perl programmers take pity on me, and give me some 
clues about how to approach this for an arbitrary number of rows.  

while there are rows in the resultset
	generate a hash from the current row
	push the hash onto @servers

I'm trying it along these lines:

while (@ary = $sth->fetchrow_array ())
%hash = (
     base_url    =>  $ary[1],
	max_depth => $ary[2],
     push @servers, %hash;

but I get errors like
Can't use string ("max_depth") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use 
at /usr/local/lib/swish-e/ line 104.
Received on Mon Nov 22 16:42:52 2004