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Re: API make errors

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 17:16:13 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote on 11/15/04 11:09 AM:

> No, Makefile.PL only needs to find swish-e so it can build a test
> index to use when running "make test".  It just needs to have a
> version of swish-e that uses the same libswish-e that SWISH::API links
> with.

> I suppose it would be nice to have a swish-config binary that can tell
> where the headers and libraries are installed.

if SWISHBIN were used to determine the include and lib paths as well 
(assuming that 'make install' but them in directories relative to bin/ 
), we wouldn't need a swish-config, yes?

that is, if the Makefile.PL took SWISHBIN and extrapolated the base path 
and added 'include' and 'lib' appropriately, that would achieve the same 

or I am overlooking something obvious?

Peter Karman  . .  karman(at)
Received on Mon Nov 15 09:16:13 2004