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How To Index Anything Article (About Swish-e): Moved

From: J Robinson <jrobinson852(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 14:41:23 GMT
Hello All;

Apparently Linux Journal has decided to make their
back issues available only to subscribers.* 

This means that Josh Rabinowitz's swish-e article from
last year, "How To Index Anything", is not currently
freely available from the Linux Journal website.

It's now available from

Perhaps the link from could be
fixed to point to that document?

If someone can dig up an old HTML version of the
article (from maybe) perhaps Josh could be
persuaded to put that version on his website too? Feel
free to email me (or josh) the html version if you
have it!


* If it bugs you too that Linux Journal closed access
to their back issues, please let them know how you
feel about it!

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Received on Mon Nov 15 06:41:23 2004