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indexing a whole drive using swish-e 2.4.2 on windows

From: Sascha Herpers <herpers(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 09:50:37 GMT

I have some problems using the following directive while indexing with 
swish-e (2.4.2 on windows):
	IndexDir "f:/"

Swish-e complains about an invalid path. Indexing "f:/some_sub_dir/../" 
works fine, so there is no problem with access rights to the drive or 
something like this.
(f:/ is actually a mapped drive on my network, but that should make no 
difference, right?)

I tried finding an answer in list archive, but with no success. Did I 
miss a post or am I basicly doing something wrong?

Thanks for any hints,
Received on Tue Nov 9 01:50:38 2004