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Re: Local install of swish-e-2.4.1 on Linux

From: Roman Chyla <chyla(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 15:09:30 GMT

I have just tried the program - there was old path to zlib
(, after I corrected this I crossed my
fingers and waited

you developers might not share my enthusiasm, but for me, it was amazing -
truly amazing. Simple, worked alone, without questions, smoothly, did not
stress me with output I can't catch. And when it asked something, it asked
only questions I could answer - absolutely GREAT, this script expects that
there may be stupid user on the other side of a keyboard.

Many thanks to Peter Karman

Please could you consider adding to the standard package?
Some of your users need it :)

my background:
Debian, kernel 2.4.26, with gcc 3.?, *without* zlib, without libxml2 - shell
Later, I will try to build swish-e at home (Slackware 9, with zlib and
libxml, and without) and copy to webserver machine and see...
.. and possibly, I might try the worst possible variant, ISP without shell

It was interesting to find answers to my old uneducated questions - when I
saw that libraries were being installed in tmp location, swish-e linked to
libraries in tmp place, and compiled as a standalone


> must it be 2.4.1?
> I ask because I would be curious to see if the script in
> the current cvs daily would handle this need.
> you might run it as:
> perl --installdir /tmp/swishe
> and then tar up /tmp/swishe and unpack it on your destination machine.
> builds with --disable-shared libraries and tries to
> resolve all the include and lib paths for you. I use it to build on
> different *nixes.
> I don't know if the compiled binaries would work on a different machine,
> but you might try it and let us know if it does.
Received on Mon Nov 1 07:09:44 2004