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Re: Local install of swish-e-2.4.1 on Linux

From: Peter Karman <karpet(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 14:28:03 GMT
must it be 2.4.1?

I ask because I would be curious to see if the script in 
the current cvs daily would handle this need.

you might run it as:

perl --installdir /tmp/swishe

and then tar up /tmp/swishe and unpack it on your destination machine. builds with --disable-shared libraries and tries to 
resolve all the include and lib paths for you. I use it to build on 
different *nixes.

I don't know if the compiled binaries would work on a different machine, 
but you might try it and let us know if it does.


tom lewton wrote on 10/29/04 3:24 AM:
>>You should be able to just supply a --prefix and it should all work
>>-- don't need to link statically.  Using a --prefix should pass -R to
>>the linker and store the library path in the binary.
> sorry, i've misunderstood my problem. i want to install swish-e on my web 
> server to be able to use it in cgi scripts. but i'm not able to compile 
> programs on the server, so i have to compile it on my workstation (which has 
> an almost identical setup to the server ) then try to upload the binaries. 
> hence the problem with the linker putting absolute paths to the shared 
> libraries, because the directory structure on the server is obviously quite 
> different to that here.
> i know this isn't a problem specific to swish-e, but i'm having a hard time 
> finding an appropriate google search that doesn't just turn up thousands of 
> peoples dumps of the output from ./configure for various programs...
> tom
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