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Re: <swishdecription> returning blank?

From: Peter Karman <karpet(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 07:04:36 GMT
Tim Hartley wrote on 10/27/04 9:07 PM:

> Hi Bill, all.
> I'm using the File Access method to index a folder of .asp files (as it can do it waaaaaaaay quicker than spidering them)
> Anyway, I'm having problems in that it doesn't seem to be getting any values in the <swishdescription>, so my results are coming back with the <swishrank><swishtitle><swishdocpath><swishlastmodified>, but NOT <swishdescription>. All my other indexes return it. Mind you they use either the or to create the indexes. Anyway, details follow:

> StoreDescription HTML2 <swishdescription> 2000

I believe that the StoreDescription <tag> syntax is for the tag in the 
source you want to include from, not for the swish property name. Is 
there a tag called 'swishdescription' in your source files? otherwise, 
you likely want <body> instead.

Peter Karman  651.208.6116
Received on Thu Oct 28 00:04:39 2004