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From: Steve van der Burg <steve.vanderburg(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 19:18:16 GMT
I'm the owner of the content that's pointed to by the "SWISH-E and
Document Abstracting" link on (link points

Can you please remove that link?  I've just made a jump to the present
by finally converting my own site (1600 or so documents) over to Swish-e
2.4.2, so I'll be taking that stuff down soon.
My mods to swish-e 1.x added:
  - document abstracting (a half-assed version of descriptions, now in
  - paged results (also in the distributed CGI scripts for 2.x)
  - a persistent spider (also in 2.x, and I never documented or offered
    version for 1.x anyway)

Now that 2.x does all of that, there's no need for the pages that
describe how to implement my mods, or to use them.  In fact, having the
link up will actually confuse people who are just starting out with

Thanks, and thanks to the development team for doing such great work! 
I love the search term highlighting, document filtering and SWISH:: perl
modules for swish 2.x.  Spidering is faster, searches are faster and the
CGI code required is a lot smaller.  Keep up the good work!


Steve van der Burg
Information Management
London Health Sciences Centre
& St. Joseph's Health Care London
(519) 685-8500 ext 35559

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