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Ampersands are being converted

From: Terry Gliedt <tpg(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 20:36:27 GMT
Using swish-e-2.4.2 as well as swish-e-2.5.2-2004-09-16, it appears to 
me that swish is building incomplete URLs as you can see in this 
fragment of HTML taken from the HTML generated as a result of a simple 

I was surprised with the use of a character entity before 'start=' in 
the URL, but that actually works (see URL for 'Next 15').

The use= key/value is not being used with the other links, so swish 
attempts to use the default database (which does not exist) and I get an 
error for the query.

<tr><td colspan="2" bgcolor="#EEEEEE"><font size="-1" face="Geneva,
   Arial, Helvetica, San-Serif">&nbsp;Page:</font>1
   <a href="/pubcgi/swish.cgi?query=peggy&amp;start=15">2</a>
   <a href="/pubcgi/swish.cgi?query=peggy&amp;start=30">3</a>
   <a href="/pubcgi/swish.cgi?query=peggy&amp;start=45">4</a>
   <a href="/pubcgi/swish.cgi?query=peggy&amp;start=60">5</a>
   <a href="/pubcgi/swish.cgi?query=peggy&use=fusion&amp;start=15">
     Next 15</a></td></tr>

Anyone else see this? Or have a fix/circumvention? TIA

Terry Gliedt     tpg(at)
Biostatistics, Univ of Michigan  Personal Email:
Received on Mon Sep 20 13:37:40 2004