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Re: swish.cgi configuration bobbles

From: Richard Morin <rdm(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 00:28:52 GMT
I have tried a couple of hacks, with only moderate success.

Coding an absolute path name into the CGI script:

   my $DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE = '/u/gl/rdm/fsw_cgi/.swishcgi.conf';

allowed it to find the configuration file.

I then tried removing the symlink and copying the script
to the CGI directory.  This worked equally as well (i.e.,
no improvement and I wasn't able to remove the hack above).

I still don't see why the script is leaving off its name
from the generated URL.  FWIW, the web page contains:

   <form method="get"

The "action" value should prolly be "/cgi-wrap/fsw_docs".
It looks like it's being generated in

   my $form = $q->script_name;

This probably does the right thing in most cases, but it
isn't doing the right thing here!  I kludged this to:

   my $form = $q->script_name . '/fsw_docs';

which gets me past the cgi-wrap issue, but I still got:

   Index file error: Could not open the index file
   'index.swish-e': No such file or directory

so I hacked the .swishcgi.conf file:

   # .swishcgi.conf - configuration file for fsw_docs (really, swish.cgi)

     title       => 'Search the FSW Web Area',
     swish_index => 

and am now getting a plausible-looking response page.  I'd
like some help, however, in replacing my kludges with Real
Code (TM).

Received on Wed Sep 15 17:29:24 2004