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Re: Indexing xml files that has another included xml

From: Edgard Pineda <epineda(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 08 2004 - 23:02:13 GMT
El mié, 08-09-2004 a las 18:29, Peter Karman escribió:
> I believe (Bill will correct me) that even using libxml2 as your parser 
> (XML2), entities and XIncludes are not followed in your XML. The xmllint 
> tool that comes with libxml2 does resolve those (with correct 
> catalog/options), but I don't think swish-e uses the library functions 
> to resolve external files. Seems like a good todo issue...

ok, but where is the whish-list for me to add this issue in for future
versions of swish-e? (and is there some kind of bugzilla for this

For now, maybe I can put a filter (xmllint --noent) in the config
file... but it would be slow...


Received on Wed Sep 8 16:02:35 2004