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Re: HTML2 and StoreDescription

From: mpeters <mpeters(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 16:21:02 GMT
mpeters wrote:
> hello all,
> I'm trying to index my html docs with libxml2 parser and store the 
> description. The parsing works fine, but the description is not 
> stored for any HTML2 files.
>    IndexContents HTML2 .htm .html
>    StoreDescription HTML2 <body>
> Is this not possible? I saw in the docs the problem about type 
> mismatches, but my types are the same. Also, If I use HTML* how do I 
> store the descriptions? using two StoreDescription directives, one 
> for HTML and the other for HTML2?

Also, If I have the following...

   IndexContents TXT* .txt .text .pdf .doc
   IndexContents HTML .htm .html

   StoreDescription HTML <body>
   StoreDescription TXT* 1500

It doesn't actually store the whole <body> contents as the 
swishdescription. It will only store the first 1500 chars even 
though I don't set the limit on the HTML description. Any ideas?

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP
Received on Wed Sep 1 09:21:27 2004