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Re: internal number question

From: Jason Camp <jcamp(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 18:43:45 GMT
Acutally I meant to total number of searchable items in the whole index. So I
could say something like "Now searching 343,232 documents" or something like
that. I'll take a look at the file number thing, I'm guessing it might have
something to do with the order in which i pass in the index files to be merged,
I want the new index to be tacked onto the end, but it looks like it's
appended, so I think if I switch the order of the files in the merge line it'll
fix that.


> > Also, is there a method for getting the total number
> > of items using the perl module? I wanted to display how many total pages
> there
> > are to search through. Thanks!
> Total number of items?  You mean results in a search query?  I think
> the $results->Hits method does that.
Received on Mon Aug 30 11:45:04 2004