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Re: free text searching

From: Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 11:45:23 GMT
Peter Karman wrote:

> MetaNameAlias swishdefault record
>> Now, is there a way to search a swish index for the word oranges 
>> *without* telling the search engine to look in the title field? In 
>> other words, I want to do something like this and retrieve my record:
>>    swish-e -w oranges
>> Is this possible? Is there something I can do to make this possible, 
>> or must I do this:
>>    swish-e -w title=oranges

Thanks to Peter Karman I was able to resolve my problem.

Yes, by adding MetaNameAlias swishdefault <root element> to my swish 
indexing configuration file I am able to provide field searches as well 
as free text searches against my indexes.

This works very well, and I have applied it to an index of about 400K 
XML files containing about 1,000,000 words. See:

I guess I can have my cake and eat it too.  :-)

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame
Received on Wed Aug 25 04:45:55 2004