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Re: Indexing UTF-8 IIS Pages

From: Tim Freedom <tim_freedom(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 04:28:00 GMT
--- wrote:
> i try to spider an IIS 6.0 which delivers pages with utf-8 in the
> http-header. As far as i understood the manual, swish-e converts utf-8 to
> iso-8859-1 if i use libxml2 (html2-parser). Unfortunately special chars like
> german umlauts are not recognized if i search through the swish.cgi
> frontend. Also results with umlauts are not displayed correctly. swish-e
> runs on a sun e450 with solaris 5.8. Any ideas?

Swish-e is not UTF-8 friendly and won't index properly.  I have heaps
of Arabic, Farsi and Urdu docs which I can't search due to this limitation
and continue to hope for someone to remedy this issue and bring forth
proper UTF-8 support.  As has been noted on this list in the past, that
doesn't sound like it will sadly happen anytime soon either (although the
demand is there for it).


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