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Re: swish-e in daemon form

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 13:13:28 GMT
The swish-e home page mentions this:

'swished', a mod_perl-based concurrent and persistent swish-e server 
written by Josh and to be open sourced around the time of conference. 
Such a server has long been on the SWISH-E "to do" list.

under the lead blurb about Josh Rabinowitz. I haven't heard whether Josh 
has released swished or not.

Brad Miele wrote on 7/27/04 7:53 AM:

> ## standard disclaimer ##
> The author is notorious for not checking FAQs, reading list missives that
> don't contain the words beer or sex in the subject, and generally not
> paying attention.
> ## end disclaimer ##
> I am currently building 3 indexes a day that I shuffle from server to
> server, that they may be used by mod_perl swish handlers. It occurred to
> me that it would be cool to have a swish-e daemon that would hang around
> (as daemons do) and be accessable via the perl api on another server.
> This way I could keep all my indexing stuff on one server, and all of my
> mod_perl stuff on another server, and all of my shoes lined up in a neat
> row under my bed.
> Has it been done? will it be done? is it a really bad idea?
> Brad
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