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Re: swish-e PHP problem after upgrade

From: Aaron Bazar <aaronb(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 02:48:56 GMT
Thank you for the suggestion. I did rebuild against the new version of PHP
and had the same issue. I tried using the previous version of the c source
from the cvs, and that did not work either.

Can you tell me how a PHP module is written/works? Let me know if I have
this right:

The C file is compiled, produces the .so file, my php script then loads the
module when I issue the dl() command. PHP then tries to read the module,
looking for functions, etc. Is a module just a way to add a bunch of
built-in functions?  And, if so, was there some change in the new version of
PHP that you have to define variables differently? What is an undefined

FYI, when I do php -v, I also get the following errors:

Thank you!

Aaron Bazar

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[]On Behalf Of David L Norris
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:23 PM
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Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: swish-e PHP problem after upgrade

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 07:57 -0700, Aaron Bazar wrote:
> [client] PHP Warning:  dl(): Unable to load dynamic library
> '/usr/lib/php4/' - /usr/lib/php4/ undefined symbol:
> SwishReSetSearchLimit in /home/html/related/myswish.php on line 5

Well, that seems to be a typo in the source.  I don't think it is a
fatal problem, though.

> [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:
> swishe() in /home/html/related/myswish.php on line 11

Maybe you need to rebuild against the new version of PHP?  I will say
that it doesn't work on my server and I'm not entirely sure why.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039
Received on Tue Jul 20 19:49:09 2004