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swish-e PHP problem after upgrade

From: Aaron Bazar <aaronb(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 14:58:18 GMT

I got the PHP interface to work fine. I upgraded apache/perl today and now
the php module will not work. I rebuilt the module, and I get the following
errors in my log file when I try to go to a web page that uses the php...

[client] PHP Warning:  dl(): Unable to load dynamic library
'/usr/lib/php4/' - /usr/lib/php4/ undefined symbol:
SwishReSetSearchLimit in /home/html/related/myswish.php on line 5
[client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:
swishe() in /home/html/related/myswish.php on line 11

Does anybody have an idea what this means?

FYI, I was running apache 2.40.x when everything was working fine, and PHP
4.2.x ... I upgraded to 4.3.6 for PHP and Apache 2.50 .. I am running on
RedHat 9.0 .

Thanks for your help!

Aaron Bazar
Received on Tue Jul 20 07:58:32 2004