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Re: CGI Script Question

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 20:04:40 GMT
I see I didn't reply accurately enough to the initial question.

I might hack swish.cgi around line 798:

if ( $search->hits ) {
	$search->set_navigation; # sets links

and add:

if ( $search->hits ) {
	$search->set_navigation; # sets links
} else {

	print MYLOG "no matches for query: $search->{q}\n";


or however you want to dump it (e.g, tie to a db and make a new
record with the time, other env variables, etc.)

John Wentworth wrote on 7/16/04 11:05 AM:

> I basically like the contents of the swish.cgi script for search
> and I do not want to modify it alot but I would like to add one feature =
> I would like the drop the search terms and the result of the search into =
> a database to analyze what our customers are searching for
> I don't really know perl but I figure I should be able to hack something =
> together with some tutorials I found
> what I basically need to information as to which perl variables in this =
> script correspond to that information and where would be a good place to =
> insert this code since I'm having trouble following the code
> thank you very much
> john
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