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Re: CGI Script Question

From: Thomas Dowling <tdowling(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 16:50:07 GMT
John Wentworth wrote:

>I basically like the contents of the swish.cgi script for search
>and I do not want to modify it alot but I would like to add one feature =
>I would like the drop the search terms and the result of the search into =
>a database to analyze what our customers are searching for
>I don't really know perl but I figure I should be able to hack something =
>together with some tutorials I found
>what I basically need to information as to which perl variables in this =
>script correspond to that information and where would be a good place to =
>insert this code since I'm having trouble following the code

I don't use swish.cgi myself, so apologies if I'm off base.  But if 
swish.cgi uses HTTP GET requests, the search terms have probably in your 
web transaction log all along.  Log analysis software, a simple Perl 
script, or grep could all fish them out for you without editing the CGI 
script.  I'm guessing you're looking for lines that match something like 
"GET /somewhere/swish.cgi?query=my+search+terms....".

Thomas Dowling
Received on Fri Jul 16 09:50:17 2004