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2 000 dollars

From: Roman Chyla <chyla(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 12:02:32 GMT
I would like to share with you a story of one catalogue ( It is worth of 2
000 $), and then, I would like to ask few questions if you let me:)

Our library has an databse of articles and the software firm wanted 2 000 $
for conversion of the records into the new system. Had I not known swish-e,
they could have got it (or we would not had it at all), but, BUT - I knew
that swish-e exists and will help me (->

I simply exported databases and wrote a script that fetches them to swish-e
( indexing takes 1 minute, 7 seconds :))) Last week, 4 days:-|, I was
following swish.cgi. At the beginning, I could hardly distinguish a tail
from the head, but the more I understood, the greater were the thanks and
admiration I was sending across Atlantic.( Do you know what you have in Bill

Really, the management of my library may think that I was the one who saved
them 2000, but I know - and I think you should know it too - it was Bill
Moseley and all Swish-e's *developers* who did it!

sorry, for long letter - my questions at the end:
1.I am using v2.2 but the last visit to told me that there is
*incremental indexing* in v.2.4 - do I need to be a devel to use it, is it
for ordinary mortals?
2. If yes to (1.), can I use it on Windows? (I would need to use them on
both Win and Lin)
3. a few days ago, you were talking about proximity searching - that it
would not be too difficult to add it. This is an extremely useful feature
for full-text retrieval, are you planning to do it?

thank you once again

Received on Thu Jul 15 05:02:47 2004