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Re: Installed on Red Hat Linux Enterprise AS 3 and

From: Thomas Dowling <tdowling(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 17:58:57 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:

>You might play with your LANG environment variable.  Google will find
>lots of reports about Redhat users and UTF-8 encoding problems.  I have
>LANG=en_US on my machine.

I encountered a similar problem recently using RedHat 8 and wget.  You 
may need to check your /etc/sysconfig/i18n file and change 
'LANG="en_US.UTF-8"' to just 'LANG="en_US"', and then reboot.  
Apparently some UTF-8 problems in RedHat can't be fixed by just changing 
the environment variable.

Thomas Dowling
OhioLINK - Ohio Library and Information Network
Received on Wed Jun 23 17:59:00 2004