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Re: Error Message: Index file error: Could not open

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 00:02:20 GMT
On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 02:15:56PM -0700, Peter Karman wrote:
> I believe a simple FileFilter config line will work, though it is slower 
> than the SWISH::Filter module (Bill, correct me on this):
> FileFilter .pdf       pdftotext   "'%p' -"

Only if not using's default config.  The default config in automatically filters pdf files (if xpdf programs are found in
the path).

By default I mean passing "default <url>" to -- the "default"
tells the spider to use a built-in config.  Look at in an
editor to see that config -- and how it uses SWISH::Filter.

Otherwise, if you don't pass a parameter to it will look for (IIRC).  The example file also
has examples of how to use SWISH::Filter.

Basically, you default a content filter in that passes the
content and the content-type to SWISH::Filter.

That make sense?

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Jun 10 00:03:15 2004