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RE: Using the file

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 13:30:16 GMT
Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote on 06/17/2004 07:43 AM:

> Here is the text of the swish.conf file without
> IndexDir /www
> StoreDescription HTML* <body> 200000
> MetaNames swishdocpath swishtitle
> ReplaceRules replace "/www/" ""

>>The command syntax that is used here is /usr/local/bin/swish-e -c swish.conf -v
>>This approach does appear to index the pdf and doc files, but error messages
>>appear saying the program is substituting
>>embedded null characters in the pdf and doc files that I am indexing. I did a
>>check of the discussion lists and the issue 
>>has to do with the fact the files being indexed are binary. I tried adding
>>several lines to the swish.conf file including
>>IndexOnly, IndexContents and NoContents. That did not make a difference. Does
>>anyone have suggestions on where to
>>go from here?

So: does NOT work.
no DOES work.

Test the index created without the spider. Does searching your PDFs work?

If you turn off the -v 3 option, you don't get warnings.

If search works, and you get no warnings, then you don't have a problem. 
Right? :)

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Received on Thu Jun 17 13:30:18 2004