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comingling meta tag queries

From: Windmueller, David <DWindmueller(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 16:17:35 GMT
I have a question about syntax for queries using metas.  When searching for people, I want to use a common list of aliases.( There is a Meta Name = first_name)   Let's say I have an alias for first names, so I know that "MIKE" = "MICHAEL".  For this example, I'd like to search for "Mike Moore".

Whenever I see the word, "MIKE", I could substitute it for (MIKE or MICHAEL) in the query, so my query would be "(MIKE OR MICHAEL) MOORE".  This works but it is pretty crude and we only want to use the alias in the context of the first name. 

Another thing to do is to assume that if a person uses a term like "MIKE", it implies that it is a first name.  This would create the query "first_name=(MIKE or MICHAEL) MOORE".  This works well except what if the user is looking for a guy named "Moore Mike".  He would never be found.

So I thought about the following query

>From the original query "MIKE MOORE", this would find "MIKE MOORE", "TYSON MOORE", and also "MICHAEL MOORE", but not "MOORE MICHAEL".

Unfortunately, Swish-e didn't seem to be able to correctly use the search phrase above.  Is this not valid?  Is there any way to do this?

Received on Mon Jun 14 16:17:39 2004