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IdeaGuy(tm) and the tree thingy

From: Brad Miele <brad(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 20:41:41 GMT

I am hopeful that this is already being done, and that my laziness at
bypassing the docs and going right to the list will be forgiven, and even
chuckled about fondly over beers, but my latest task is to do the

Given a keyword, return a list of all keywords(non stemmed) in the index
that are in documents which are matches for that word. I am tempted to
just hit MySQL, but i think it might be faster to get from swish-e.

My immediate thought was to make a keyword property and just read that,
but I didn't know if one of the T switches might already do this.

As always, thanks for the time and effort, and for putting up with my half
defined and barely intelligle descriptions...

 Brad Miele
 Technology Director
 (207) 828-8787 x110

 Good day for overcoming obstacles.  Try a steeplechase.
Received on Wed Jun 2 13:41:42 2004