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RE: search.cgi updates

From: David Fishburn <fishburn(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 17:18:46 GMT
> 1) Should I pull out the template from the __DATA__ section 
> and place the template in a separate file -- or possibly a 
> few template files so a site's layout/design can be more 
> easily included?  If the script runs under SpeedyCGI or 
> mod_perl then the template needs be in a separate file.

Yes, I think it should be separated, makes conversion over to mod_perl
easier for people like me (who dont know Perl too well).

> Should those changes be included?  Namely better highlight 
> support and metaname selection?

Yes, just basic stuff, so people can see how to expand it if it needs more.

> So, see any reason why shouldn't be renamed to 
>  It could cause some grief for anyone using 
> in the default install location, especially if 
> was used for #1 above.  But, I wonder if it won't 
> cause more confusion for those trying to use search.cgi when 
> first starting out.

I am for renaming it, it tripped me up as well.

Another item for the search.cgi script.
I had to modify my copy to do this.
If a search item is not found, then put a message on the screen, saying
(something like):

The search for: ".. your criteria here..." was not found.

Right now, you get the same screen back, so you are left trying to figure
out it if there is a problem in your script, and what the problem might have

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