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Re: special characters

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 10:11:15 GMT
> <xml>
>   <title>This & That</title>
>   <description>Some important information</description>
> </xml>

Shouldn't that be
   <title>This &amp; That</title>

> It seems that swish-e indexes this file *only* up to the '&' character,
> and then stops. This means that any information after that is not indexed.

probably doesn't like stand-alone "&"  and decides it is ill formed xml (and

> Is there a particular reason why this is the case, or is it a bug? If it
> is
> a bug, I can always get around it by replacing that character with
> something
> else, or taking it out completely. If it is a feature, does this occur
> with
> other characters as well?
> Thanks, Jonas

Received on Thu May 27 03:11:15 2004