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Science quotations formatted

From: Carl Gaither <cgaither628(at)>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 15:05:24 GMT

I have reformatted all of the data that I have to date.  It now looks 
like the following:

<author>Dirac, P.A.M.</author>
<quote><ln>Age is, of course, a fever chill</ln>
<ln>That every physicist must fear.</ln>
<ln>He's better dead than living still</ln>
<ln>When once he's past his thirtieth year. </ln></quote>
<reference><ln>In Robert Jungk</ln>
<ln>Brighter Than a Thousand Suns</ln>
<ln>Chapter Two (fn, p. 27)</ln></reference>

<author>Einstein, Albert </author>
<quote><ln>A person who has not made his great contribution to science 
before the age of thirty will never do so. </ln></quote>
<reference><ln>In S. Brodetsky</ln>
<ln>Newton: Scientist and Man</ln>
<ln>Volume 150, 1942 (p. 699)</ln></reference>

<author>Priestly, Joseph</author>
<quote><ln>It may be my fate to be a kind of comet, or flaming meteor in 
science, in the regions of which (like enough to a meteor) I made my 
appearance very lately, and very unexpectedly; and therefore, like a 
meteor, it may be my destiny to move very swiftly, burn away with great 
heat and violence and become as suddenly extinct. </ln></quote>
<reference><ln>Philosophical Empiricism</ln>
<ln>Section V (p. 67)</ln></reference>

I have placed <ln> and </ln>  for all of the material in the quotations 
to maintain the correct line breaks and also in the <reference> for the 
different line spacing.

The <date> fields have information in some and none in others.  Also, I 
have a <copyright> and a </copyright> field where I will at a later date 
put in the copyright information.

What is my next step?


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